Colorado’s Wildlife – It’s something to see!

Join us on the Colorado Birding Trail to experience a wildlife adventure of your own! Explore Colorado’s incredible diversity of wildlife and the habitats they depend on in unbelievably spectacular settings. From the dry grasslands of the short-grass prairie to the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado has nearly 1,000 species of wildlife for you to seek in an endless variety of fantastic habitats.

Featured Sites and Trails

Explore Wild Colorado! From the sleek pronghorn antelope of the vast, high plains prairie to the camouflaged White-tailed Ptarmigan of the alpine tundra, an exciting outdoor adventure awaits you on the Colorado Birding Trail. The easily-navigated website, Birding Trail Guide and maps will assist you in planning your personalized wildlife viewing experience.

Bobolink Trailhead

Nice birding along South Boulder Creek

Rocking 7K Ranch

A 5th generation working ranch located Southeast Colorado

Barr Lake State Park

A great place for birding in the spring and fall.

Robert F. Clement Park

Johnson Lake is home to a variety of waterfowl