Gear Recommendations

Binoculars, Maps & Field Guides

Some of the sites on the birding trail are in remote locations. Prior to hitting the trail, we suggest everyone bring along a few extra supplies to make your trip more enjoyable. Be sure to have a good road atlas, the proper equipment, and some common sense. Below are some suggested materials to bring.

Northern Harrier - Sometimes referred to as a marsh hawk, this bird can be seen gliding low across grasslands and marshes.

Road Atlases

There are three great road atlases you can purchase to help you navigate around the state. We’ve also made it easy for you to find Birding Trail sites by giving you the page and section number for the Delorme Atlas and The Roads of Colorado.

Bird Field Guides

Need some help identifying birds? There are a variety of identification guides you can purchase, to help you out, we’ve listed our three favorites.

Other Guides

There are several other viewing guides you might consider getting from the library or buying, including:

Viewing Equipment

A good pair of binoculars are essential to having a good wildlife viewing experience. If you need help selecting a pair of binoculars read B&H Photo’s Binocular Buying Guide.