Comanche Grasslands

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Comanche Grasslands

Aliases: Comanche Grasslands (Baca County Section)

Colorado’s ‘other’ grasslands are much less visited by birders than the Pawnee, but can actually be better, especially for hawks. Most of the grasslands have a high percentage of yucca, unlike grasslands further north. Driving the roads through the grasslands, especially during the winter and early spring, will produce an excellent variety of hawks, including Ferruginous (possibly more numerous here than anywhere else in Colorado). During March and April, McCown’s and Chestnut-collared Longspurs are possible, and sometimes they even winter in the area. Mountain Plover can be found in areas with very short grass, as well as Burrowing Owls. Long-billed Curlews breed in larger, less disturbed pastures. Many rare mammals could also be seen, including Badger and Swift Fox.

County: Baca

Habitat: Grassland/Prairie

Directions: The Comanche Grasslands stretch across almost the length of southern Baca County, and almost any road off of US 385 could be good. CR C east of US 385 is especially good.

Delorme: 101 C4-C7, D5-D7
Roads of Colorado: 157 E1-F3, 158 A1-C3

Dates of Access: Open all year
Ownership: USFS
Admission: Free

Restrictions: Property boundaries are confusing; be sure not to trespass

Parking: Roadside
Lodging: Hotel in Springfield

Handicapped: No
Handicapped Access: Viewing from car

Elevation: 3900

Latitude: 37.01815
Longitude: -102.36189

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