Fort Morgan

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Fort Morgan

If you’re looking for a place to kick back for the night while birding along the I-76 corridor, Fort Morgan has the full range of facilities, as well as good access to nearby first-class birding spots (such as Jackson Lake State Park). For birding in town, check out Riverside Park, which at times can have Snow, Ross’s, and Greater White-fronted Geese during migration and winter, as well as the occasional Harris’s Sparrow among the sparrow flocks during winter.

County: Morgan

Directions: From Denver: take I-76 east for approximately 85 miles. The town of Fort Morgan is south of I-76 between exits 79 and 81. To get to Riverside Park, take exit 80, CO 52/Main St. and head north, then east into the park. Go a little farther north on CO 52 to reach closer parking to the South Platte River at Curry St.

Dates of Access: Open all year
Hours: Daylight hours
Ownership: Municipal
Admission: Free

Restrictions: Please obey all rules and regulations

Parking: Varied
Lodging: Hotels in Fort Morgan, camping at Jackson Lake State Park

Handicapped Access: ADA accessible facilities in town and some along the river, but limited

Latitude: 40.267391
Longitude: -103.800851

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Drinking FountainYes
Gravel TrailsYes
Paved TrailsYes
Visitor CenterYes
Gift ShopYes

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