Fourmile Travel Management Area

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Fourmile Travel Management Area

Aliases: Collegiate Peaks Overlook, Shields Gulch, McGee Gulch

This large area includes BLM, Forest Service and state lands. It caters to a wide variety of outdoor recreationists, from four-wheelers to mountain bikers and horseback riders. Depending on when you visit, parts of it may seem overrun, but in reality large chunks of it are always quiet, secluded and inviting to wildlife watchers. The western part of this area, just east of Johnson Village near the Collegiate Peaks Overlook, has the best pinyon-juniper habitat in the county and is a classic spot for Pinyon Jay among other specialties. For the best birding opportunities, drive the good-quality Road 304 past the overlook.

County: Chaffee

Attractions: Scenic overlook, Interpretive signs

Habitat: Pinyon-Juniper Forest, Ponderosa Forest, Aspen Grove, Mountain Meadow, Mixed-Conifer Forest

Directions: To get to the Collegiate Peaks Overlook and the rest of the western part of this area, head east on US 24/285 from Johnson Village a little under two miles to Road 304 on the left (north), signed for the overlook. Shields and McGee Gulches are on the north side of the highway a few miles farther east: Shields Gulch about 5 miles from Johnson Village and McGee Gulch about a mile beyond that.

Delorme: 60 B2
Roads of Colorado: 102 C1

Dates of Access: Open all year
Hours: Open 24 hours
Ownership: BLM/US Forest Service/State
Admission: Free

Restrictions: Obey posted regulations

Parking: Gravel parking areas; some roadside parking
Lodging: Hotel in Buena Vista

Handicapped: No
Handicapped Access: Viewing from car

Elevation: 7500

Latitude: 38.81680
Longitude: -106.08659

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Drinking FountainNo
Gravel TrailsYes
Paved TrailsNo
Visitor CenterNo
Gift ShopNo

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