Greater Prairie-Chicken areas

· Greater Prairie-Chicken

Greater Prairie-Chicken areas

The sandsage prairie just north of Wray contains the vast majority of Colorado’s Greater Prairie-Chickens. The only reliable lek locations at this time are located on private lands. Several groups and ranches operate tours to see the chickens on their leks in spring, and this is by far your best shot at seeing the birds; see the website for details. If you are are really strapped for time, you can look for the birds along the county roads north of Wray and east of US 385 just after dawn in April and May. The chickens are easy to hear from the road but often difficult to see – most of the leks are on the far side of the numerous hills! No matter how close the birds sound, DO NOT LEAVE THE ROADS.

County: Yuma

Habitat: Grassland/Prairie, Yucca

Directions: To get to the densest concentration of leks, drive north on US 385 from Wray about eleven miles and turn right (east) onto CR 45. This road winds around, eventually looping south to become CR PP, which goes all the way south to US 34 east of Wray. Chickens could be seen all along this route, though the northern half is better. Other leks might be seen along the adjacent stretch of CR RR and along roads KK and 42, south of CR 45.

Delorme: 102 D2
Roads of Colorado: 62 C1-C2, 63 D1-D2

Dates of Access: Open all year
Ownership: Private
Admission: Free

Restrictions: Private property; remain on the road

Parking: Roadside
Lodging: Hotel in Wray

Handicapped: No
Handicapped Access: Viewing from car

Elevation: 3700

Latitude: 40.18746
Longitude: -102.18996

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For more information, contact the Wray Chamber of Commerce at 970-332-3484.


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