Kit Carson

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Kit Carson

Aliases: Big Sandy Creek Crossing

Kit Carson can be a surprisingly good birding town. Its shade trees can attract migrants; the best trees are in the southwest quadrant of town, and on the east edge of town north of US 40. Just southeast of town on both sides of CR 20 is an enormous prairie dog town which has Burrowing Owls in summer. A little farther south on CR 20, a bridge crosses Big Sandy Creek (usually dry). All the land is private, so be sure to bird only from the bridge, which will put you at mid-tree level in a tall cottonwood forest. Look and listen here (mostly in summer) for Eastern Bluebird, Red-headed Woodpecker, Orchard and Bullock’s Orioles, Eastern and Western Kingbirds, House Wren, Yellow Warbler, Great Crested Flycatcher, Chimney Swifts, and migrant flocks in season. The private sagelands south of the creek along the road are home to Scaled Quail, Cassin’s Sparrow and Lark Bunting, but again you must bird from the road. Rattlesnakes, coyotes and skunks may be seen in the area, not to mention the ubiquitous pronghorn!

County: Cheyenne

Attractions: Wildcat games

Habitat: Urban/Suburban, Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Lowland Riparian, Grassland/Prairie

Directions: Kit Carson is along US-40 where US-287 splits off an heads south, 28 miles west of Cheyenne Wells, 56 miles north of Lamar, and 62 miles SE of Limon. To reach the sewage ponds, coming in on US-40/287, turn right (south) just before crossing Wild Horse Creek and follow the road underneath the railroad tracks to the dump. To reach the Big Sandy Creek crossing, head south on CR 20 from the east edge of town (west of the split of US-40/287). The crossing is in a little over a mile.

Delorme: 99 A6
Roads of Colorado: 109 F1

Dates of Access: Open all year
Ownership: Municipal/ Private
Admission: Free

Restrictions: Please respect private property

Parking: Various
Lodging: Hotel

Handicapped: Yes
Handicapped Access: Viewing from car and from town sidewalks

Latitude: 38.76429
Longitude: -102.79028

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Contact Info:

For town business or for traffic inquiries, please contact the town at 719.962.3248


Drinking FountainYes
Gravel TrailsNo
Paved TrailsYes
Visitor CenterNo
Gift ShopNo

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