· North Park

Lake John State Wildlife Area

Aliases: Alkali Lake

This relatively deep lake is probably the best in the county for diving ducks, and is good all around during migration for waterbirds and, if water levels are low enough, shorebirds. Look especially for loons and grebes during fall. The extensive sage flats around here support Greater Sage-Grouse and Sage Thrasher, and a good variety of raptors including Golden Eagle, Ferruginous Hawk, and Prairie Falcon. Short-tailed Weasel has sometimes been seen around the lake also. Pronghorns are fairly common in the vicinity.

County: Jackson

Habitat: Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Sagebrush

Directions: From Walden, take CO 125 to the south end of town and follow it as it bends west. Where 125 bends south again in about a mile, go straight (west) onto CR 12W. Follow CR 12W for 10 miles to the intersection with CR 7. Bear right (north) onto CR 7 and go north for a little more than 5 miles to the entrance to the SWA on the left (CR 7A). The lake itself is best viewed from various spots along CR 7A about 2 miles from the intersection with CR 7. From Cowdrey, take CR 6W (main street) west for 8 miles to the intersection with CR 7, and go left (south) for 5 miles to the intersection with CR 7A and the entrance to the SWA. Alkali Lake is east of CR 7, 5 miles south of the intersection with CR 7A. There is a small dirt two-track along a fence line down to the lake.

Delorme: 17 B6
Roads of Colorado: 37 F1, 38 A1

Dates of Access: Open all year
Hours: Any
Ownership: Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Admission: Free

Restrictions: None

Parking: Gravel parking areas
Lodging: Primitive camping

Handicapped: No
Handicapped Access: Some car birding

Elevation: 8050

Latitude: 40.7855
Longitude: -106.4829


Drinking FountainNo
Gravel TrailsYes
Paved TrailsNo
Visitor CenterNo
Gift ShopNo