Slumgullion Pass

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Slumgullion Pass

Aliases: Spring Creek Pass

Slumgullion Pass, along with Spring Creek Pass just to the south, are the high points along CO 149. The highway runs through excellent spruce-fir forest where Pine Grosbeak and Red Crossbill can be found; White-winged Crossbill has also been seen. Boreal Owls breed here and can occasionally be heard from the road on late winter and early spring nights. Other wildlife is common in this remote area. You might see a porcupine crossing the road, or even a lynx, since that species has done well following its reintroduction into the San Juans. A side attraction is the Slumgullion Earthflow, an enormous mudslide that is still slowly moving, responsible for the formation of Lake San Cristobal.

County: Hinsdale

Habitat: Spruce-Fir Forest, Streamside Willow

Directions: Slumgullion Pass is along CO 149, 9.5 miles south of Lake City and 21 miles NW of the Hinsdale/Mineral County line.

Delorme: 77 A7
Roads of Colorado: 116 A4

Dates of Access: Open all year
Hours: Any
Ownership: US Forest Service
Admission: Free

Restrictions: The road is maintained year-round, but beware poor conditions in winter.

Parking: Roadside (in paved pullouts)
Lodging: Hotels in Lake City

Handicapped: No
Handicapped Access: Viewing from car (pull completely off the road).

Latitude: 37.9897985
Longitude: -107.2004186


Drinking FountainNo
Gravel TrailsNo
Paved TrailsNo
Visitor CenterNo
Gift ShopNo

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