South Republican State Wildlife Area

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South Republican State Wildlife Area

Aliases: Hale Ponds State Wildlife Area, South Republican SWA, South Republican Wildlife Easement

This location covers most of the area below the dam at Bonny. There is more wildlife here than at many other plains reservoirs and river bottoms; few visitors to the reservoir head east below the dam, to the State Wildlife Area that runs along the river all the way to the Kansas state line. Habitat varies from yucca grassland and large hedgerows to lowland riparian. The hedgerow at Hale is enormous, and a good spot for Northern Cardinals, sparrows during the winter, owls, and migrants. The Hale Ponds SWA is excellent for Eastern Screech-Owl, Wild Turkey, Northern Bobwhite and migrants, not to mention white-tailed deer. The grassland between the dam at Bonny and the above locations can have Cassin’s and Grasshopper Sparrows, among others.

County: Kit Carson

Habitat: Lake/Pond/Reservoir, Lowland Riparian, Marsh, Hedgerow/Shelterbelt, Grassland/Prairie, Yucca

Directions: See Bonny Reservoir for directions to the dam. At the south end of the dam CR 2 winds down below the dam to the DOW headquarters and from there east to a T intersection with the north-south CR LL.5. Directly ahead of you, to the east of this intersection, are the Hale hedgerows. To check the other spots, turn left (north). In a short distance, CR 4 heads east; this is the access road for the South Republican SWA, which stretches along the road and the river for several miles, and for Hale Ponds SWA, which is on the left a few miles farther east, just shy of the Kansas border. Much of the wooded area along CR 4 is open to birders; obey posted access signs. Finally, to get to the South Republican Wildlife Easement (Sprague's Pipit spot), continue north on LL.5 from Hale across the S. Fork Republican River and take the first left into the property.'

Delorme: 102 B4
Roads of Colorado: 79 D2

Dates of Access: Open all year
Ownership: Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Admission: A valid hunting or fishing license, or State Wildlife Area pass is required for everyone 16 or older accessing any state wildlife area or state trust lands.

Restrictions: Obey all CPW rules and regulations; be aware of hunters in season. Please respect private property

Parking: Various
Lodging: Camping in designated areas. Hotel in Burlington or Idalia

Handicapped: No
Handicapped Access: Limited

Latitude: 39.61019
Longitude: -102.18551

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Drinking FountainNo
Gravel TrailsYes
Paved TrailsNo
Visitor CenterNo
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