Williams Fork Reservoir

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Williams Fork Reservoir

This reservoir is not very attractive to waterfowl, but the wildlife watching around it can be very good. Ospreys breed on nest platforms near the road on the south side of the reservoir. The wet meadows a little farther east can produce singing Savannah Sparrows and Brewer’s Blackbirds along with winnowing Wilson’s Snipe. Southeast of the lake, where CR 3 parallels the Williams Fork River, the streamside willows host breeding Veery, Swainson’s Thrush, and Fox Sparrow. Pronghorn and mule deer are numerous in the area; elk and muskrat may occasionally be seen.

County: Grand

Habitat: Pond/Lake/Reservoir; Wet Meadow; Grassland/Prairie; Burn Area

Directions: Williams Fork Reservoir is a few miles south of US 40 near the town of Parshall. It can be accessed from CR 3, which heads south from Parshall, or from CR 33, which heads east from CO 9 just south of Kremmling and ends at CR 3 just southeast of the reservoir.

Delorme: 28 D1
Roads of Colorado: 54 B3

Dates of Access: Mostly May - Oct
Hours: Any
Ownership: Denver Water
Admission: Free

Restrictions: No camping; no drinking water. Beware fast-moving traffic on the roads.

Parking: Gravel parking lots
Lodging: Hotels in Kremmling or Hot Sulphur Springs

Handicapped: No
Handicapped Access:

Elevation: 7930

Latitude: 40.01955
Longitude: -106.20239


Drinking FountainNo
Gravel TrailsNo
Paved TrailsNo
Visitor CenterNo
Gift ShopNo

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