Wray Area

· Greater Prairie-Chicken

Wray Area

Aliases: Rainbow Park, Stalker Lake State Wildlife Area

One of the largest towns on the eastern plains, Wray is a great town from which to base yourself when birding in the area. Wray Prairie-Chicken Viewing Tours take place in March and April each year, a cooperative effort of the Wray Museum, Wray Chamber of Commerce, Kitzmuller Ranch, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife–see the website for details. The best birding in Wray is in Rainbow Park and along the river nearby. Rainbow Park contains a small but dense cluster of coniferous and deciduous trees that has hosted wintering sapsuckers and could attract migrants. Here and around town look for eastern species like Red-bellied Woodpecker, Eastern Bluebird, Mississippi Kite, and others. Although Wray is very nice, the best birding in the area is northwest of town, at the Wray Fish Hatchery and the adjacent Stalker Lake SWA. Some small ponds, riparian and juniper hedgerows, and weedy gullies make these locations a good place to lookf for sparrows, Northern Cardinal, and other landbirds, and assorted waterbirds. Muskrat and coyote might be seen in the area.

County: Yuma

Habitat: Urban/Suburban, Lowland Riparian, Stream, Hedgerow/Shelterbelt, Pond/Lake/Reservoir, Grassland/Prairie, Marsh

Directions: Wray is at the junction of US 34 and US 385. Rainbow Park is in the northwest corner of town, on the south side of US 34 just where it enters town. To get to the cemetery, continue east through town on US 34 to Cemetery Road and turn south, going about a mile. Stalker Lake SWA and the Wray Fish Hatchery, are west of town on US 34 about a mile and a half to CR FF and turn north. The entrance road to Stalker Lake is on the left (west) about a mile north of 34. The entrance road to the State Fishing Unit is just a little farther north, on the other side of the draw.

Delorme: 102 D1-D2
Roads of Colorado: 62 C2-C3

Dates of Access: Open all year
Ownership: Municipal/ Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Admission: Free

Restrictions: Please respect private property

Parking: Various
Lodging: Hotel

Handicapped: Yes
Handicapped Access: Viewing from car; easy walking trails

Elevation: 3522

Latitude: 40.07835
Longitude: -102.22412

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Drinking FountainYes
Gravel TrailsYes
Paved TrailsNo
Visitor CenterNo
Gift ShopYes

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