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Aurora Reservoir

with a road around the lake offering many good viewpoints

Aurora Reservoir2021-07-29T18:50:19-06:00

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

Historically recognized as a Superfund clean-up site, today the Arsenal has been resurrected as a first-class wildlife refuge. Among Denver-area birders, it is known as a good place to look for raptors, and one of the best spots near the city for Ferruginous Hawk. The small lake near the former Visitor's Center can have various [...]

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge2021-04-29T22:50:15-06:00

Red Lion State Wildlife Area

the reservoir here is often filled with Snow and Ross's Geese during winter

Red Lion State Wildlife Area2021-10-31T12:19:40-06:00

Eleven Mile State Park

Eleven Mile Reservoir, just down the road from Spinney and Antero, is the deepest of the South Park reservoirs and tends to stay ice-free the longest. Eleven Mile is a great location for diving duck species, and it is not unusual to find several scoters, Barrow's Goldeneye, and loons. All six species of grebes found in [...]

Eleven Mile State Park2020-07-24T11:43:35-06:00

Sand Hills

The southern portion of Phillips County has some sandsage habitat where Cassin's and Lark Sparrows breed, along with Colorado's state bird, the Lark Bunting. Small numbers of Greater Prairie-Chickens are also present, but unlikely to be seen. Along County Road 2 west of County Road 35, there is a seasonal playa that can attract ducks [...]

Sand Hills2021-10-09T06:58:19-06:00

North Sterling State Park

North Sterling State Park is a large reservoir in northeastern Colorado, which includes a variety of habitat types, such as shoreline, wetlands, woodlands, cliffs, and prairie. This park provides great opportunities to view many of the birds particular to northeastern Colorado. The reservoir can attract various ducks, ibis, loons, and grebes. Forested areas can host breeding Bullock's, Baltimore, and hybrid [...]

North Sterling State Park2020-07-24T13:34:09-06:00

Brush Prairie Ponds State Wildlife Area

This section of prairie habitat is sometimes flooded, primarily in early summer, and attracts ducks and shorebirds during such times. At other times, check for Lark Bunting, Brewer's Sparrow, Lapland Longspur and Horned Lark (during the winter months), and raptors of various stripes at all times of year. Wildlife viewing and birding is open only [...]

Brush Prairie Ponds State Wildlife Area2020-07-24T13:07:59-06:00

Pawnee National Grasslands (western section)

The Pawnee National Grassland is one of the premier patches of shortgrass prairie remaining on the Great Plains, a haven for a suite of prairie birds increasingly scarce elsewhere: Ferruginous Hawk, Mountain Plover, Long-billed Curlew, Burrowing Owl, McCown's and Chestnut-collared Longspur, Grasshopper Sparrow, and Colorado's striking state bird, the Lark Bunting. In some years, Cassin's [...]

Pawnee National Grasslands (western section)2019-09-06T09:09:58-06:00

Heron Pond/Heller Open Space

Close to downtown, this small lake ringed with trees is in the middle of an urban open space, but can attract surprising birds. Look for ducks in the colder months, and in migration, hope for a wandering prairie bird like a Loggerhead Shrike or a Lark Bunting; they aren't normally found in the city, but [...]

Heron Pond/Heller Open Space2018-06-25T11:42:05-06:00

Sandsage State Wildlife Area

This small State Wildlife Area just west of Wray provides access to a stretch of the South Republican River and adjacent grassland. While the riparian habitat along the river here is a bit sparse, check for Orchard Oriole, Indigo Bunting, Brown Thrasher, and more. The more open areas can have Eastern Kingbird, various sparrow species, [...]

Sandsage State Wildlife Area2021-02-25T07:33:45-07:00
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