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40th Annual Monte Vista Crane Festival is nearly here! March 10-12

Like many bird species, sandhill cranes embark on long, seasonal migrations. While traveling migration routes, they take advantage of habitats along the way. Multitudes of migrating cranes descend upon grainfields for food and rest. These "stopover" locations provide perfect viewing opportunities, and enthusiastic birders embark on their own migrations to observe these impressive cranes congregations. [...]

40th Annual Monte Vista Crane Festival is nearly here! March 10-122023-02-24T11:48:03-07:00

Christmas Bird Count 2022

By Jose Barrientos Get ready for this year’s 123rd Christmas Bird Count!  The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is a large-scale volunteer effort organized by the National Audubon Society. It takes place every year between Dec 14th and January 5th. The CBC spans over several days; this means you can participate one day for a couple [...]

Christmas Bird Count 20222022-12-13T22:12:57-07:00

Black Birders Week 2022

Black Birders Week was founded in 2020 to advance diversity and inclusion within the birding and scientific communities, and to celebrate birding as part of the heritage of Black cultures across the globe. This week, enjoy virtual events on a variety of topics on birding, science, and representation. Events will also cover birding for beginners, [...]

Black Birders Week 20222022-05-31T11:51:48-06:00

The Monte Vista Crane Festival

The Monte Vista Crane Festival is this weekend, March 11 – 13! The grain fields of south-central Colorado’s San Luis Valley welcome multitudes of migrating sandhill cranes in the spring. These cranes make loud, rattling calls audible up to 2.5 miles away. As impressive as their calls are, the main draw for this popular festival [...]

The Monte Vista Crane Festival2023-02-25T15:19:54-07:00

High Plains Snow Goose Festival

If asked, "What is the most populous goose in North America?”, many would say, “The Canada goose!” without hesitation. Afterall, you can hardly visit an urban park without seeing these birds! According to researchers, however, the title actually goes to the lesser snow goose. Once you see a massive flock of these gorgeous birds covering [...]

High Plains Snow Goose Festival2022-02-03T13:57:46-07:00

Christmas Bird Count 2021

The 2021 Christmas Bird Count is underway! You can embark on an all-day scientific adventure along with volunteers from all over the United States, Canada, and many other countries. The Christmas Bird Count is a large-scale citizen science project operated by the National Audubon Society that takes place every year from December 14th to January [...]

Christmas Bird Count 20212021-12-16T14:48:19-07:00