Keep our Skies Natural

Wildlife and People Need Dark Skies Light pollution – or too much artificial light where it is not wanted or needed – can affect our health, the environment, wildlife, and our opportunity to find awe in our natural night sky. For many wild animals, shifting natural light triggers when to sleep, eat, migrate, hunt, and [...]

Keep our Skies Natural2023-02-23T13:34:08-07:00

Tips for Ethical Birding

The interest in birding/bird watching, bird photography, and being out in nature has increased over the past few years. As far as observing nature and having a growing appreciation for it, this is amazing. The more people that care about nature, the better; however, there are a couple of things to keep in mind while [...]

Tips for Ethical Birding2023-02-06T11:15:46-07:00

Apps to Use While Birding

Should you use phone apps while birding? I mean, you might have a phone with you, so you might as well give it a try! Want to know where to start? When I first started birding, I received several laminated area-specific field guides. I later bought books about regions (and still do!) because I enjoy [...]

Apps to Use While Birding2023-02-10T09:28:05-07:00