Western Colorado

Browns Park Trail

Colorado’s Last Frontier

It’s five hours to Browns Park from Denver by car, but it might as well be fifty. The few people who venture as far as the state’s northwesternmost corner are richly rewarded. Here you will find the magnificent Gates of Lodore, where the Green River enters the soaring canyon that cuts through Dinosaur National Monument. To the north is Irish Canyon, even less traveled, where Canyon Wrens and Chukars can be found alongside ancient petroglyphs. In between is Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge, a surprising oasis of green in this arid land, where ducks, shorebirds, and other water-loving wildlife congregate yearround. This is a land of jackrabbits and mule deer, Sage Sparrows and Pinyon Jays, rough dirt roads and precious few signs of civilization – a wonderful place to experience Colorado’s natural beauty.