Eastern Plains

Snow Goose Trail

Spectacular Birding Year Round

The playa lakes and manmade reservoirs of this section of Southeast Colorado are magnets for waterbirds of every stripe. Plovers, sandpipers, cranes, egrets, grebes, gulls, terns and ducks all congregate here in huge numbers in migration, and the waterfowl (including tens of thousands of Snow and Ross’s Geese) stay all winter, to star as the main attraction in Lamar’s annual Snow Goose Festival. Summer brings breeding grassland birds like Dickcissel, Mountain Plover and Ferruginous Hawk. A Burrowing Owl might pop out of any prairie-dog burrow. Year-round residents include Ring-necked Pheasants, pronghorns and coyote. At any season of the year, the Snow Goose trail is sure to produce.

Sites on this Trail

  1. Eads