Rocky Mountains

Roaring Fork Trail

Colorado’s Scenic Headquarters

The Roaring Fork River crashes down out of the West Elk Mountains towards the Colorado River, carving out a beautiful mountain valley as it goes. In this drainage are some of Colorado’s most reknown sights, including the famous Maroon Bells, some of the most photographed mountains in the world, as well as the resort town of Aspen. Wildlife watching opportunities abound. Along this trail you can traverse tundra in search of pipits, ptarmigans, and Prairie Falcons. You can hear Black-throated Gray Warblers buzz in the junipers outside Carbondale, or a Pine Grosbeak warbling from the top of a spruce in the Frying Pan Wilderness. This is steep country that has narrow roads, sharp curves, and steep grades with a high rate of return for any visitor willing to invest some time.