Rocky Mountains

Silver Thread Trail

Scenery in Many Senses

Tracing a high and remote path through Colorado’s least populated region, the Silver Thread Scenic Byway winds its beautiful way through montane forests and meadows from the low to the high, past mountain lakes that teem with waterfowl in migration. The stunning mountain skyline of this place has formed the scenic backdrop for much of Colorado’s most colorful Wild West history, which is still on display in the old mining towns of Lake City and Creede. The wildlife here make the scenery audible as well as visual: the choral music of Hermit and Swainson’s Thrushes backs up the improvisational riffs of Cassin’s Finch, while five species of woodpecker drum out the rhythm section’s beat. And the scenery doesn’t even sit still: here you’ll find the geological oddity called the Slumgullion Earthflow, a slow-motion rockslide the size of a mountain, which bottled a whole valley to form sparkling Lake San Cristobal. This should be the scenery behind your next high-country adventure.