Rocky Mountains

Spanish Peaks Trail

Running the Gamut of Colorado Habitats

Following the Highway of Legends Scenic Byway for much of its length, and circumnavigating the stunning Spanish Peaks, this trail nearly runs the gamut of Colorado habitats. It includes landscapes as diverse as the rimrock canyons etched into the plains east of Walsenburg, the arid pinyon-juniper woods and riparian cottonwoods of Lathrop State Park, the subalpine firs and spruces on Cordova Pass, the oak-scrub hills of Bosque del Oso, and the vast open waters of Trinidad Lake. With such wildlife highlights as Dusky Grouse and Gray Jay in the mountains, roadrunners and raptors in the canyons, and pronghorns and jackrabbits on the high plains, this trail offers a little bit of every reason you could come to southeast Colorado.